Animal Rights International

"Mother earth can meet the needs of all but greed of none"

About Us

Animal Rights International (A.R.I.) is an animal protection organisation. Founded nearly 20 years ago, it has come to represent thousands of individual supporters worldwide. The main objective of the A.R.I. is to secure animal rights and welfare as per Universal Declaration made on October 15, 1978.

A.R.I. was set up in 1994 to secure Animals Rights and their welfare in India and abroad, with contacts in U.K., USA, Canada, and Switzerland.

Our basic principle is that Animal Rights are very closely correlated with Human Welfare and Progress. Our living conditions, surroundings, environment, and the fate of future generations are all interlinked with Animal welfare.

"Mother earth can meet the needs of all but greed of none"

Hard-heartedness towards animals has a significant and irreversible impact on human health, economy and environment. We focus on educating policymakers and the public for more humane treatment of animals. Our work on:


Our Mission is to stop environmental destruction and to build a future in which we can live in harmony with nature.

Animal Rights India merged with the Vegetarian Society of Delhi and the Nation Building Forum on Feb 2009 and Mar 2009 respectively, and now Animal Rights International has three Divisions:

Animal Improvement
- Propagate and work for preservation of life cycle, reverence for life, securing ANIMAL RIGHTS.
- Act as a pressure group to bring about environmental and animal friendly legislation.
- Take measures to check environmental degradation
- Seek compassionate treatment of all living beings and prevention of cruelties
- Secure adequate wholesome fodder, feed and drinking water.
- Encourage and assist processing of dead Animals and proper utilization thereof.
- Protect, conserve and propagate composite cultural heritage.
- Organize seminars , symposia, conferences relevant to the objects.
- Partner with influential community leaders and opinion makers.

Vegetarian World
- Propagate principles of Ahimsa (non-violence) and Shakahar (Vegetarian) to promote peace and tranquility in the world.
- To establish contacts and seminars with national and international organizations for exchange of information , knowledge, expertise and mutual assistance.
- Educate and source animal-free alternatives for better health.

Karuna Eco Club
- Conduct a school contact programme. Introduce animal welfare either as a school or extracurricular activity.
- To create awareness among students from the early stage of life and kindle their feelings of love, kindness, and compassion towards all living beings, animal life, plant life and protection of environment as enshrined in article 51 A(g) of the Constitution of India. This is also in accordance with our age-old rich cultural heritage.
- To promote the above said project in all high schools, higher secondary schools and colleges of our country. The club membership is open to all students without any discriminations of religion or class or group of society.
- To create awareness among every citizen of India about their fundamental duty to protect and improve the natural environment including forest, lakes, Rivers and wild life and to have compassion for living creatures

Our main projects are:

  • Peepal Farm

    Lead by our board member, Robin Singh

  • Peepal Farm is a stray animal rescue, a vegan organic farm, and a low impact farmstay. They are dedicated to alleviating animal suffering and eradicating the human behaviors that cause it.

  • Holy Cow Foundation

    Lead by our board member Anuradha Modi

  • The mission of HCF working for animals is to sensitize Gaushalas across the country to implement sustainable models that manufacture or market natural (Panchgavya and organic) products, provide a better life for the cows and help uplift the disadvantaged communities, thus supporting animal welfare, the environment, and women empowerment.

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